HAIR COLOR SERVICES (Starting at $45 & up)

Hair color services are always dope! The hottest looks today include hair color to accentuate your cut and style!

You can amplify your natural color by glossing, complement your complexion by toning, upgrade your haircut with highlights, or intensify how you turn heads by adding dimension to your style!

Whatever you choose, hair color services always add flair to any length, texture or style!

Color Gloss:
Customized formulas utilizing demi-permanent conditioning color is applied all over enhancing the hair’s natural hues and vibrant undertones.

Custom Color Blends:
Color Blends create balance, depth, and light by selecting hues and tones that are in perfect harmony. The multi-dimensional technique utilizes three or more colors in the permanent and demi-permanent categories.

Clear Glaze:
Clear Glaze coats the hair shaft and provides shine and demi-permanent color.

Highlights & Lowlights:
Highlights & lowlights add dimension to the hair’s color. Both provide spot color throughout the hair. Highlights are normally two shades lighter than the rest of the hair. Lowlights are normally two shades darker than the rest of the hair.

Cash or Credit Only. No Personal Checks.
Prices subject to change based on length, thickness, customization of service